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We believe very strongly in teaching our kids the fundamentals of basketball. Our goal at Clarey Basketball Camps is to provide a positive environment where each camper is given the opportunity to discover a love for the game of basketball.


For us it is all about the relationships we build with the student athlete. Our three pillars remain discipline, perseverance and servanthood. Discipline means making the right decision regardless of how hard the situation may seem at the time. We show players what it means to work hard and develop both their physical and mental skills. The smallest of detail is examined as we prepare kids to succeed in the arena of competitive basketball.

Perseverance is having the mental toughness to stay the course. Basketball, like life, is a long journey filled with many speed bumps and potholes. The process of becoming a great basketball player is long and difficult and players need to continue taking that next step forward. We encourage players never to dwell on a single bad play or mistake, instead focus on what is next. The mindset of the player must be one of continual growth. Players need to enjoy the struggle, today is not the finish line, it is simply another opportunity to get better.

Finally our actions and our message is based on giving to others. We all need to make life a little easier for the guy or gal next to us. Servanthood allows us to share our blessings and gifts. When we live for others we are laying the foundation to become champions in whatever we choose.

From the first lecture to the last award ceremony, campers will experience a high level of intense instruction. This type of motivational environment will benefit both rookies to the game and veterans alike in their quest to get better. It’s a long journey, enjoy every moment.